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Jon loved his life in the North. The youngest in his family, Jon was always ready for the next adventure with his anaana, ataata, b​rother Cal, sister Lucy, and Nanuq their Husky. Jon enjoyed camping at a nearby territorial park the best. Sitting around the crackling campfire, with the northern lights dancing across the sky, he would listen to stories about his Inuit ancestors. He loved hearing about how his ancestors had to be very strong and resilient to survive the challenges of the land. Jon had no idea just how strong and resilient he was, but he was about to learn. 

Inuit regions of Canada


land, water and ice.

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The fact that Patricia McCarthy, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, wrote this book is a sad reminder that there are many children, including Inuit children, who must endure treatment for cancer. Their childhoods should be filled by play and learning and friends and family and not the medical traumas involved in being diagnosed with and then treated for cancer. Jon's Tricky Journey, which is both picture book story and resource guide, takes the reader on that journey and provides a compendium of supportive resources for navigating pediatric cancer treatment in the North.                                 Helen K / CanLit for LittleCanadians   

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Jon's Tricky Journey is "highly recommended" see review at:

Book review published in Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal, Spring 2018 issue.

Resource Guide

The resource guide offers useful information for Inuit families from across the North who need to travel south to a hospital treatment center for cancer therapy.