The inspiration for this book project came about when I was helping to plan a national cancer ​​nursing conference in Ottawa, in 2012. Our planning committee invited two Inuit nurses to attend our conference, and it was in the context of  meeting these two amazing nurses who worked in cancer care in the North, that I realized there was a gap in educational and supportive materials for Inuit families who had to travel far from home for cancer treatment.  I decided to write this children's story and resource guide to address that gap.  I am really pleased with the outcome of this project, and I hope the book will spark conversations between Inuit children with cancer and their families, about how living with cancer can be tricky, but also about how by reaching out and looking inwards, they can learn to cope with all the tricky parts.  

This book project was supported with a grant from C17, a pediatric cancer and blood disorder group, and the Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation, along with support from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

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